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Date Received Timely Response Product Issue State / Zip Submitted Via Tags
01/28/2019 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Other debt
  • Written notification about debt
  • Didn't receive notice of right to dispute
  • WV
  • 25901
Saw that there was a collection on my credit report and called the collection company to verify. Told them I didnt receive notice or notifications that i owed anything and offered to pay in full if they would remove it from my credit completely. They said that they sent a letter and I was notified but I didnt receive anything at all. They told me that was my problem and said I needed to contact the post office. They said they would take my payment and report it as paid in full. I dont believe this is fair since I didnt receive notification. I argued with the customer service, but they were rude and didnt help me. I will pay this balance in full but I want it off my credit, I would have settled before collections but I was not notified.
12/22/2020 No
  • Debt collection
  • Other debt
  • Attempts to collect debt not owed
  • Debt was result of identity theft
  • WY
  • 82009