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10/02/2020 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Other debt
  • Took or threatened to take negative or legal action
  • Seized or attempted to seize your property
  • CA
  • 95621
XX/XX/XXXX I got into a payment plan with my homeowner association XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX that hired a third party debt collection agency name Sunrise Assessment services. I owed my homeowner association for back dues which was in total amount of {$2100.00}. Due to a terrible car accident, someone rear ended me while at traffic light which caused me loss of income being unable to work while healing from accident .During that time and unable to work I fall behind on my HOA assessments dues. I was basically called by the third party debt collection agency Sunrise Assessment services and told i had to make a payment of {$2100.00} or loose my home threw foreclosure and that my homeowner association XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX/XXXX XXXX XXXX did not want any communication with me and that I had to communicate with sunrise assessment agency and shall not contact my HOA to discuss any payments. My hoa refuse to accept my request to meet with the board so that we can discuss my pass due hoa assessments and other concerns I had. Affraid of loosing my home to foreclosure being thst this was my First home and being in this position with a wife and daughter to protect. I ask if I can start a payment plan. Sunrise Assessment services agreed and said I had to make a payment of {$560.00} a month until the debt was paid off.i was never giving a contract to sign i agreed on payment plan. The first payment was due on XXXX XXXX I made my first payment on XXXX XXXX in the amount of {$800.00} which should of brought my debt down to about {$1400.00}. On XXXX XXXX I brought payment into the office so that i can get a receipt and explained the reason I paid on XXXX XXXX was because they office was close around the time I went to make payment on XXXX XXXX Some days later I contacted XXXX at Sunrise Assessment services to get account statement for my records. When I received a copy of my account statement and balance I realise my {$800.00} payment have not been applied to my pass due HOA ASSESSMENTS, I contacted XXXX and ask why do I still owe {$2100.00} in my hoa assessments debt. XXXX then tells me that I had to pay off the amount i owed Sunrise Assessments which was about $ XXXX {$1100.00} for cost if collection and interest etc. XXXX tells me I must pay what i owed sunrise for they services before any payment would be applied to my original debt I owed my HOA for pass due assessments. I explained I did not agree to this. I also told XXXX how do she expect me to pay off my debt if I had to pay what I owed sunrise for they services if I'm already struggling. I also begged XXXX to please apply my payment towards pass dhe assessments please. I begged XXXX and she refused to apply my payment. I then said I will contact XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX to let them know what's going on. She tells me that iam not allowed to contact my XXXX XXXX and that they did not want to discuss any payments with me. I sent a email ti XXXX at XXXX XXXX to set up a meeting with the board to discuss other alternative. I was ignored Some months gone by i finally get XXXX XXXX to agree on board meeting to discuss a alternative debt resolution that was in XXXX of XXXX only to be kicked out of board meeting and threatened to have me arrested if I didn't not leave board meeting which was a private board meeting a they set up for me. I was told that they can squeeze me in during they executive board meeting after the original board meeting they had with the community I stood uo XXXX introduces me to the board of directors which was a panel of older XXXX ladies and 2 mid age XXXX. Not one of them spoke or welcomed me to the community being this was my First board meeting and never met any of the directors. Not giving proper amount of time to address my situation i was cut off multiple times by the whole board of directors to the point i had to finally say to one gentleman enough please stop cutting me off and this been going on since I started to talk. The gentleman then said to me that they was done with me and the meeting was over and for me to leave. I then said i have right to address my concerns with out being cut off or talked over. The gentleman then say to me to leave and im waisting they time and causing them money. I said iam a homeowner how im causing yall money and this ain't right. The gentlemen and a few other director 's began yelling for me to leave and saying if I didn't they will call the police and have me arrested. As I'm now near the exit door I try to explain and ask why they doing this, the same gentleman walk towards me and attempted to shove me out with his hands, thats when I said if you touch me I will call police on you and that he was scaring me. The whole time my daughter was right next to me scared she began to cry i them walked out and left. Only to be ignored for months My home was foreclosed non judicial and sold XX/XX/XXXX. I Was giving 90 day redemption To redeem my home. During the 90 day redemption period is when covid 19 epidemic happend. I sent in a payment to XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX and to have my check returned to me by sunrise assessments saying that they don't except partial payments and that i had to pay the full amount of {$10000.00}. About a month out I cobtacted sunrise and XXXX XXXX to make a payment of {$3500.00} dollars only to be told they will except any patmnets and that the time was up to redeem my property.
07/09/2015 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.)
  • Improper contact or sharing of info
  • Talked to a third party about my debt
  • CA
  • 93436
Sunrise Assessment services repeatedly made numerous collection violations and errors in their collection practice by failing to properly notify of attempted debit collection by Sunrise Assessment services to the proper party. Sunrise failed at any attempts to ensure accurate records of party 's contact information and address in order to make proper notification and attempts of debit collection. Additionally it is believed Sunrise Assessment services illegally disclosed and discussed debit matters with persons other than parties pertaining to claimed debit.