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03/03/2023 No
  • Money transfer, virtual currency, or money service
  • Check cashing service
  • Unexpected or other fees
  • WA
  • 980XX
Web Servicemember
I received a check from a multi XXXX XXXX vehicle manufacturer as a goodwill payment for {$6000.00}. I Went to the XXXX, Washington location to inquire about their check cashing fees and I was told by the teller that she would need to call the vehicle manufacturer and verify that they had issued me the check. It was after XXXX XXXX at that point and their headquarters office was closed.Without any consent she took the check and made a copy of it. I told her I no longer was interested in their services and I left. The next morning I received a call from that locations manager to let me know that she had spoken with the manufacturer and confirmed that they had issued me the check. She told me that they were looking forward to cashing it for me and it would be at 2.99 %. I was very confused by this phone call because I never gave them any consent to contact the manufacturer and discuss this check. In order to receive this goodwill payment from them I had to sign a very strict disclosure agreement. Due to unforeseen circumstances with my own financial institution, I regretfully decided to go to the Money Tree location in XXXX, Washington and cash the check. I called prior to showing up there and was again quoted 2.99 % just like the manager from the XXXX location had quoted me. At this point I was so distressed by the situation that had just taken place at my own bank, I didn't realize that the teller charged me a 5.99 % fee to cash the check. {$350.00}. The next day I looked at my receipt and realized what had happened. I called Money Tree 's customer service center to confirm with a representative that it should have been 2.99 %. I went into the XXXX location with my receipt to speak to a manager. XXXX the assistant branch manager was behind the counter and took no responsibility for anything, was incredibly rude and unprofessional, incapable of articulating a clear, concise explanation as to why I had been charged so much and then he proceeded to berate me about how I had even obtained the check. This is only the 2nd check I have ever cashed at money tree, I have no criminal history, I have no history of any type of check fraud or any type of fraud for that matter, I provided him with plenty of proper identification, etc. Apparently the manager from the XXXX location had not provided any details in my account about the conversation with the vehicle manufacturer, aside from the approval to cash it. XXXX then said he would be calling the XXXX manager to get clarification of exactly why I was issued the check. The XXXX manager said that she did not speak directly with manufacturer, the teller, whom I had specifically told I was not interested in using their services, had made the call and she claims the vehicle manufacturer told her that I was issued the check for selling their Headquarters office a vehicle. That is absolutely false, ( although would have fallen under the 2.99 % business check fee because that would have made me a " vendor '' and " vendor '' would have been equivalent to a " payroll " check according to Money Tree ) .I asked to speak to the manager and she proceeded to also treat me like a criminal and failed to provide a clear, concise explanation of why I was charged such an exorbitant fee. She asked me if I was a business owner and I said yes, I own an LLC because I'm a private XXXX. She asked to see my business license and she took it and proceeded to start entering all of the information into her computer. I have no idea why she was entering all of my business information into the computer without my consent, because she made it very clear that because the check was not written out to my business name she would not be changing the fee. I feel like the privacy of my personal information has been completely violated. I feel like the aggressive and repetitive questioning I received in regards to how I obtained the check was unlawful and it made me feel like a criminal not a customer. I asked XXXX why the receipt they had provided me with had no explanation of the check type they had used to determine the 5.99 % fee and why there was no explanation of the charges. I feel this is a violation pursuentRCW 31.45.060 LicenseeSchedule of fee and chargesRecordkeeping. ( 1 ) A schedule of the fees and the charges for the cashing and selling of checks, drafts, money orders, or other commercial paper serving the same purpose shall be conspicuously and continuously posted in every location licensed under this chapter. The licensee shall provide to its customer a receipt for each transaction. The receipt must include the name of the licensee, the type and amount of the transaction, and the fee or fees charged for the transaction.
01/19/2023 No
  • Payday loan, title loan, or personal loan
  • Installment loan
  • Charged fees or interest you didn't expect
  • ID
  • 83702
Multiple complaints : Loan documents incredibly difficult to get after initial signing -- I have emailed and called to get a copy of the loan documents that I signed. Documents not available upon secure login to website. MoneyTree requires I go to a physical store to receive documents. However, they use online and digital forms to get signatures and initiate the loan, so making someone drive an hour to then wait another hour just to get a copy is intentionally obstructionist. They certainly allow someone to log in and redo the loan and, at that time, if you're willing to pay for a new loan, they'll show you the documents. Access to any form of ledger or accounting data is missing and can not be accessed. I have called, emailed, and otherwise asked for an accurate statement. They indicate they can not provide this either. Again, this information is available upon initiating the loan or paying to change the loan, but otherwise you can not see any of the information related to the loan. Inaccurate receipt provided. I made a payment ahead of schedule and then paid an additional amount ( {$200.00} ). The receipt provided doesn't add up mathematically and can not account for {$75.00}. When I inquire, they indicate, only verbally and will not do so in email exchanges, that this amount is for the loan origination fee. Okay, then why not put that in the receipt? Then I ask about the amount going to principal and they similarly will only answer over a call and convolute things. They use " daily fee '' and " interest '' interchangeably. But cite them in different ways when talking about how they are calculated. The daily fee on the contract is the exact same each day, so the calculations for interest can not be easily explained. I asked for a simple written schedule accurately reflecting payments, additional amounts, and how that impacts the terms. They won't/ca n't provide this. When I ask about why the daily fee, which is also the interest, is more than the original loan agreement, they indicate that the daily fee comes out first, and a pre -- payment then means they will first take out the interest ( daily fee ) and apply the rest to the principal. When I point out that the second payment includes the daily fee they took out and thus the new payment should not include the same daily fees, they indicate that it doesn't, but that the payment doesn't change. So, I inquire how that impacts the principal and if more goes toward the principal for subsequent payments, because the daily fees have been paid in advance at that point, and they can't answer me. I went into a physical location and sat for a couple of hours asking them to help. They tried, and the result was that they could not explain the way the fees were taken out or how that wasn't reflected in subsequent payments and the daily fees which were not scheduled to be paid for 2 more weeks, but which they took out first so that the amount didn't go to the principal. All of this MIGHT add up, but nobody can explain it and they absolutely refuse to put anything in writing or on a receipt. The fact they can't/wo n't provide a written copy with accurate accounting and a statement that reflects the new schedule, if changed, makes the loan completely blind and irreconcilable to the consumer and any accounting. They seem to be unbound in obscuring this information. Unable to get a statement I can hand to an accountant and a reflection of accurate interest for the IRS. I need to be able to show the interest paid on the loan, because it was used for business reasons, and thus the interest paid is a loss per the IRS and accounting. But I can not get anything that shows amounts that are accurate or which add up. Even a simple receipt for my payment which was made with an extra amount doesn't add up correctly.
06/02/2022 No
  • Debt collection
  • Payday loan debt
  • Communication tactics
  • Frequent or repeated calls
  • WA
  • 981XX
I get calls in the early morning and after XXXX pm from multiple different number from all over the country
05/24/2023 No
  • Credit reporting, credit repair services, or other personal consumer reports
  • Credit reporting
  • Incorrect information on your report
  • Information belongs to someone else
  • WA
  • 98030
07/25/2018 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Payday loan debt
  • Threatened to contact someone or share information improperly
  • Talked to a third-party about your debt
  • TN
  • 37744