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01/27/2019 No
  • Vehicle loan or lease
  • Loan
  • Struggling to pay your loan
  • Loan balance remaining after the vehicle is repossessed and sold
  • OH
  • 45305
I bought this car in XXXX. Drove it for probably XXXX miles before it quit running. 14 years go by and never heard a word from this " so called company ''. No letters, no phone calls, no nothing. In XXXX they tried to sue me and garnish my wages. However, they did not succeed.. Now they are back at it again. They sent me a lovely yellow summons stating that " my wages ARE being garnished ''. Please tell me how it is possible to have your wages garnished without even going to court? Without ever being able to have a defense.. Per Virginia Law this Auto loan has past the Statues Of Limitations on collection of this debt. If this loan was a written Contract, they can only try and collect for 5 years. If this loan was a promissory note, they can only try and collect for 6 years. I will vigorously fight this injustice and criminal behavior by this company. This company sold me a lemon. This company has hurt my name and reputation with my company on false pretenses. This company uses scare tactic to try and force people into paying on a debt past the Statue of Limitations. I will not be bullied by this company. I will have my attorney on this ASAP. I have a good case to sue XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX for their miscarriage of justice, lies and deformation of my character.
07/18/2018 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Medical debt
  • Attempts to collect debt not owed
  • Debt is not yours