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01/31/2020 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Private student loan debt
  • False statements or representation
  • Attempted to collect wrong amount
  • MI
  • 49503
During the month of XXXX, I have made repeated communication attempts with the law office of XXXX XXXX XXXX ( XXXX, MI ) who is trying to collect a debt from me regarding an unpaid college balance ( it is not a loan ). Initially, I was told misinformation about how the interest is applied to the principal and, after over 30 emails with the company, managed to have them explain to me that they made a mistake and recanted their initial statement about the interest. They attempted to have me sign the same agreement anyway at this point, but I declined saying that they would need to update the agreement to reflect the mistake they made. They did so. However, today ( XX/XX/2020 ) was the first day I was to make a {$50.00} payment, which I believed we had amicably decided upon after I accused them of being abusive and they lowered the monthly amount. My issue : the agreement reflects that my balance is {$5800.00} INCLUDING court fees, but their online portal says I owe {$6200.00} ( nearly {$400.00} more ). I attempted to contact XXXX and XXXX, who I was in communication with, but both were out of the office according to someone named XXXX. When I explained my complaint, XXXX said, " Oh, I'm uh, I'm going to work on that today. Sometimes the balances are reflected differently on the site than in the agreements. '' Excuse me for feeling suspicious, but that is not legal, right? I can not in good conscience make a payment on a debt if they are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I have written proof that I have been suspicious of this company and called them out on it, and they have only cited blunders in their defense every step of the way. Now their website says I owe a significant amount more. I have proof of all communication with this debt collector, and a screenshot of the website that says I owed more than we legally agreed on ( about 6 % more in fact ). I also have a copy of the agreement that does not reflect the website 's amount.