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05/20/2016 Yes
  • Mortgage
  • Conventional fixed mortgage
  • Loan servicing, payments, escrow account
  • WA
  • 98632
I have a mortgage with Lake Mortgage in XXXX Indiana. I have a balance of about {$25000.00}. Beginning last year the mortgage company began to hold my ex-husband 's payments if they were not paid on time until the second month was paid up to date. This year 2016, I fell behind on my payments in XXXX, in hopes that I would have XXXX 's payment before XXXX XXXX, 2016 I held XXXX 's payment. On XXXX/XXXX/16 a delinquency notice was sent to me stating I owed both XXXX and XXXX 's payment along with late charges and an NSF fee. On XXXX/XXXX/16, I sent a payment of the amount due less a {$200.00} credit that I have with the mortgage company in a non applied account. On that same day, another delinquency notice was sent stating that I owed XXXX and XXXX 's payment along with late charges and an NSF fee, which was post dated XXXX XXXX, 2016. Please note, that on these delinquency notices it states " ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE ON THE XXXX OF EACH MONTH ; THERE IS A 15 DAY GRACE PERIOD BEFORE A LATE CHARGE IS ASSESSED. PAYMENTS MUST BE IN THE OFFICE BY XXXX. ON THE XXXX!!! IF THE XXXX FALLS ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY, THE PAYMENT MUST BE IN OUR OFFICE ON THE FRIDAY PRIOR TO THE XXXX BY XXXX P.M.!! '' On XXXX/XXXX/16, I received a call from XXXX at XXXX Mortgage telling me she received my payment for XXXX and XXXX but would not be able to apply the payment until XXXX 's payment was received since XXXX was now considered late. When I explained to her that I had until the XXXX of the month she stated that I did not have that grace period and that she was going to send the payment back since I did not have a date of when I would be able to make XXXX 's payment. I then asked to speak to her supervisor and was immediately transferred to XXXX. He then reiterated what XXXX had stated and I asked him to send me a copy of the signed contract and highlight where it states that they will not accept my payments. On XXXX/XXXX/16, I sent Lake Mortgage XXXX 's payment which then would have brought my account up to date. On that same day Lake Mortgage sent me a copy of my signed contract along with my first check, refusing my XXXX and XXXX 's payment. On XXXX XXXX they then returned my XXXX 's payment stating that they would not accept one payment when three payments were due and also placed in the letter that they did not accept a personal check when XXXX payment are due ; only money order, cashier 's check or certified check. If they had not sent my first payment back for XXXX and XXXX I would not have been behind three months since I had until the XXXX at XXXX p.m. to get my XXXX 's payment in their office. I paid exactly what their bill stated minus my {$200.00} over payment that they hold in some fund that does not get applied to the principal or collect interest on. So because they refused my payments I am now behind three months, I was not able to get my payments to them in time by certified, cashier 's check or money order. I am not located in the state where the mortgage company is so this has been all done by US mail. I know that they are adding interest on the unpaid principal and when they sent me my signed contract it states they have the option to accept late payments. This company several times as collected additional interest on our payments because they have held payments due to the next month 's due date being close. I have had this mortgage company since XXXX and last year was the first time they held our payments until the next months payment was paid.
06/24/2016 Yes
  • Mortgage
  • Other mortgage
  • Application, originator, mortgage broker
  • IN
  • 46375
A local mortgage company, Lake Mortgage, advertises it 's current interest rates and products and APR in the local newspaper The XXXX mortgage rate monitor as well as their online ad XXXX. The problem I 've noticed for well over 1 year is the APR on FHA mortgages is nowhere near accurate and therefore deceptive. Currently as of XXXX/XXXX/16, they are advertising an FHA 30 year fixed rate of XXXX with an APR of XXXX. Due the the cost of mortgage insurance alone, I believe the APR is much higher than what is consistently being advertised.