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06/20/2019 No
  • Vehicle loan or lease
  • Lease
  • Struggling to pay your loan
  • Lender trying to repossess or disable the vehicle
  • MO
  • 64110
In the beginning, when i first purchase my car my agreement was weekly payments and i agreed to that because at that time i was getting weekly pay. I fell into hardship for about a month and eventually caugh back up with payments after getting a new job, but to only find out i get paid more, but my payday went to bi weekly. I call right away and contact my car company Auto Start where i set up pay arrangement on XX/XX/XXXX with a staff member. At that time i was current, and had summit proper document. Well here on Monday the XX/XX/XXXX a auto start employee contacted letting me know i had a payment coming up and previous payment also, i said yes i no and what would be my current amount, he told me i agreed and told him friday XX/XX/19 i get paid and i pay that whole bill. Well they didn't call me tell Sat i assured them that i pay that. Amount Monday because of my direct deposit hits Monday. Anyway i call Monday to make my payment to be kept on hold for 30 min then they tell me how i dont get to get to pay bi weekly no more because the company been bought out and it goes back to the actual first agreement. Now they didn't notify me of any of these changes and now demands a higher payment that could lead me to be in repossession with them, and there saying they want take my current payment thats regularly due, and when instructed to speak to manger i get a regular complaint line with the letter heading of who im complaining too. I been with this car company going on 2 yrs and never had this problem, please help me fix this matter
02/11/2019 No
  • Vehicle loan or lease
  • Loan
  • Struggling to pay your loan
  • Denied request to lower payments
  • MO
  • 64131
I purchased the vehicle on XX/XX/XXXX. First payment was due and paid on XX/XX/XXXX. The payments were to be below {$350.00}, and I made that quite clear. It totaled {$460.00}, which caused me to miss my rent payment for the first time in 8 years. The same happened XX/XX/XXXX and and again XX/XX/XXXX, that's when I asked to lower the payments and accept {$400.00}, which is all that I had. They're charging me {$15000.00} for a 2008 XXXX XXXX. Monthly payments of {$380.00} for 42 months. The original price was {$9900.00} at 23 percent. I wanted to volunteerly surrender the vehicle. I haven't heard from them except for the payment date in which the customer service representative was very rude and suggested that I better get them the money one way or another, and said " go and borrow it from a friend or family member. Also, I pay my own insurance and they want to also charge me an extra {$80.00} for their personal insurance.
04/10/2015 Yes
  • Consumer Loan
  • Vehicle lease
  • Managing the loan or lease
  • MO
  • 64134
I was erroneously refused an early termination option as stated in my lease for an automobile. The car 's motor blew out after only 4 months of responsible driving/maintenance and was under warranty. However, I was not provided with a loaner vehicle and payment was demanded for an inoperable car that is no longer in my possession. My references have been harassed via telephone by AutoStart, who continues to illegally disclose claims that I should contact their office due to a late payment. The office/lot staff has been uncooperative, standoffish, and it seems I will continue to be subjected to an unfair breach of contract, dishonesty, and unfair auto leasing practices.
11/11/2017 No
  • Credit reporting, credit repair services, or other personal consumer reports
  • Credit reporting
  • Improper use of your report
  • Credit inquiries on your report that you don't recognize
  • GA
  • 31210
Web Servicemember
On XXXX XXXX, Jackson automotive ran my credit without my consent. I didnt know until I recieved all the letters in the mail from all the banks and loan companies they ran it through. I wasnt looking to buy a car or anything I was just looking. I have a car thats great. They took down my information, said its routine just in case I change my mind and came back. I did not authorize them to run my credit. I would like it disputed of my credit report.
11/27/2015 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Auto
  • Disclosure verification of debt
  • Not given enough info to verify debt
  • MO
  • 64030