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07/27/2015 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.)
  • Disclosure verification of debt
  • Not given enough info to verify debt
  • MO
  • 63108
On XXXX XXXX, 2015, I received an original notice from XXXX XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ) that it was seeking to collect a debt on behalf of HARVEST CREDIT MANAGEMENT ( HARVEST ). XXXX alleges the original creditor was XXXX XXXX BANK ( XXXX ). The amount sought by XXXX was {$13000.00}, and the XXXX account number was XXXX ( see attached ). In response I sent a certified letter to XXXX advising that I do not recall owing such a debt, there was no validation of debt received, furthermore, any statute of limitations, if owed, would have expired ( see attachment for further explanation ). XXXX did respond advising that it would not seek further recovery and returned the matter to HARVEST. I thought that was the end of an alleged debt where no supporting information was received, or where it had been proven that the statute of limitations had not expired. Now, not even a month later, I received another demand for payment, of the same alleged debt, from XXXX ( XXXX ). XXXX alleges its client is HARVEST, and it is seeking {$13000.00} under account XXXX. It is also alleged that XXXX is the original creditor. I allege I do not owe a debt to XXXX, and that HARVEST and XXXX have no right to seek collection from me. If at any point I did have a XXXX credit card it would have been approximately 10 years ago, while living in California, which means any statute of limitations is long expired. I have not had a credit card, with any sort of large spending limit in years. Furthermore, XXXX chose not to send any sort of information backing its position including when the alleged debt was incurred with XXXX or HARVEST, there was no validation of debt. It appears HARVEST, XXXX, and XXXX are basically conspiring to collect an alleged old debt, that I believe is not owed. It appears HARVEST and XXXX are " Zombie Debt Collectors ''. As indicated above, this can be confirmed by the fact another company, XXXX, just tried to collect the same just months ago. Finally, I believe Dynamic is attempting to harass me as I had reported XXXX to the CFPB previously.
03/22/2017 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Credit card
  • Taking/threatening an illegal action
  • Attempted to/Collected exempt funds
  • CO
  • 807XX
On XXXX/XXXX/XXXX Harvest Credit Management illegally collected funds from my XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX savings account in the amount of {$10000.00}. These were funds directly from my deceased mothers life insurance policy and were exempt. This is in addition to insurance benefits funds they also took last year and in XXXX from my XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX account prior to my closing my account. The difference though is that these were kept separate from any earnings as I had no earning for XXXX yet ( to Date ). I would wish to collect interest as damages in the amount the Credit Card company wished to charge prior to closing my account. I closed all my credi accounts with XXXX and XXXX in XXXX. But each of the XXXX major card companies all jumped the interest to 29 % and 35 % and tripled the debt I owed before losing the accounts after three to four months regardless of XXXX or XXXX company credit requests. I feel that any and all credit card companies that disregard the Major Nationwide Credit safety companies requests deserve to be shut down as they are choosing to operate in an Internet Environment without accepting third party Security Provisions.
07/07/2020 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Auto debt
  • Attempts to collect debt not owed
  • Debt was already discharged in bankruptcy and is no longer owed
  • CT
  • 06514
Web Servicemember
XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXX Harvest credit management and XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX : XXXX XXXX XXXX Ct file No. XXXX Dear Harvest credit management vii , llc. and XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX I am responding to your contact about collecting a debt. You contacted me by mail on XXXX XXXX and identified the debt as Harvest credit management bought this account from XXXX and XXXX auto loan .I do not have any responsibility for the debt youre trying to collect. The statue of limitations applies to this debt, therefore, I do not owe anything. Stop all other communication with me and with this address, and record that I dispute having any obligation for this debt. If you stop your collection of this debt, and forward or return it to another company, please indicate to them that it is disputed. If you report it to a credit bureau ( or have already done so ), also report that the debt is disputed. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely, XXXX XXXX
07/05/2017 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Credit card debt
  • Took or threatened to take negative or legal action
  • Sued you without properly notifying you of lawsuit
  • CA
  • 94806
This was originally over a debt from credit card ( XXXX limit ) that i could n't afford to pay about 17 years ago, this was for XXXX XXXX. 10 years ago a law office that was hired by a a debt company ( harvest credit management i believe it is ) that bought the debt sued me. I never received a notice to appear ( failure to serve ). I only found out about it months after when the collected old mail to see the court case was already decided. To my knowledge I have to be served correct? Since which 10 years have passed and suddenly last week they seized all the money in my accounts both savings and checking. This happened without any notice. When I called them they said they sent a notice to an old address. They claimed the recently renewed the case and is why they just now after 10 years decided to make that move. They now claim I owe XXXX in interest on top of the credit card amount of XXXX, a total of XXXX. I have no way to pay this and will most likely claim bankruptcy soon unless they can settle for a far smaller amount.
09/12/2019 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Credit card debt
  • Threatened to contact someone or share information improperly
  • Contacted your employer
  • MD
  • 20772
Web Older American, Servicemember
Good Morning I had an account with XXXX credit card through XXXX in XXXX DE back in 2006. They were paid off and my credit report was reporting a {$0.00} balance for all 3 bureaus. ( Please see attachments. ) Since then other companies such as XXXX XXXX and Harvest Credit Management has been harassing me. Harvest placed a judgement against me in XXXX XXXX District Court, it remained there and then it was discharged ( Please see attachments ) This account is almost 14 years old. The Credit Bureau suggested that I go to court and show the judge they all were reporting a {$0.00} Balance for this account after their investigations. I am in dire need of your help, I am XXXX XXXX years old, I have a job but now Harvest Credit Management has sent wage garnishment to my employer so they are threatening to do. How long can a person be harassed? almost 14 years. I have a check in which I paid them, a letter I sent to the Credit Bureau etc. ) Please help me
12/03/2022 Yes
  • Credit reporting, credit repair services, or other personal consumer reports
  • Credit reporting
  • Problem with a credit reporting company's investigation into an existing problem
  • Problem with personal statement of dispute
  • NC
  • 28216
Hello, I tried contacting Harvest strategy group several times at this phone number in over a month. They never called back like they said they would on the recording. Im trying to clear this debt off of my credit. But they are not contacted me on how I can get this removed or how I can get it fixed. The original creditor was flagged trip, but they sold the debt to harvest which theyre not responding to any of my calls or anything. Its been well over a month now. Im just trying to get in touch with somebody so I can get this debt paid off.
04/06/2017 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Credit card
  • Taking/threatening an illegal action
  • Sued where didn't live/sign for debt
  • NJ
  • 07054
06/07/2016 Yes
  • Consumer Loan
  • Vehicle loan
  • Managing the loan or lease
  • IL
  • 60056
08/24/2015 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Credit card
  • Improper contact or sharing of info
  • Talked to a third party about my debt
  • CA
  • 94560
01/21/2015 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Credit card
  • Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed
  • Debt is not mine
  • ID
  • 83401
10/29/2014 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • I do not know
  • Communication tactics
  • Frequent or repeated calls
  • OR
  • 97478