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06/26/2020 Yes
  • Student loan
  • Private student loan
  • Getting a loan
  • Denied loan
  • MN
  • 55102
I applied for a private student loan recommended by XXXX University in order to attend their cyber security program. Edaid asked me to upload a picture of myself and 2 social media accounts which I did. I met the income requirements because I am a XXXX whom makes XXXX $ a year at the time of the application and was only required to pay XXXX $ a month. Next the lender used my lowest credit score and based it off of old accounts from over 3-5 years ago which have all been closed or paid off. Furthermore when I checked my vintage score with XXXX it was a XXXX, when I did the application it was a XXXX. They based their decision off of my XXXX score but then I received an email which says its based of my XXXX score. So I am getting mixed messages and feel as if I was denied the loan because of the XXXX of my skin because I qualified for the loan for XXXX . This caused me to not enroll in the program with XXXX University though I received a 90 % on my entry exam. My email is XXXX and XXXX. My phone number is XXXX. I emailed you earlier and you began an investigation but i lost my old information ( XXXX )
06/20/2020 Yes
  • Student loan
  • Private student loan
  • Dealing with your lender or servicer
  • Trouble with how payments are being handled
  • MO
  • 63146