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08/13/2018 Yes
  • Vehicle loan or lease
  • Loan
  • Managing the loan or lease
  • Billing problem
  • NJ
  • 07065
The car was purchased XX/XX/XXXX from Darcar in Maryland. The car was XXXX, I gave them XXXX cash as a dowm payment, leaving me with XXXX to finance. Somehow I have had to pay off the XXXX over three years at XXXX. That totals XXXX. In XXXX, they repoed the car because I moved to New Jersey. I paid XXXX to get the car back. The car came back so damaged. I filed a complaint to fix the car, never resolved. According to XXXX XXXX, the car will not be paid for until XX/XX/XXXX, five months after what the Contract states. An additional XXXX. The last payment should have been XX/XX/XXXX, money she is claiming not to have received. On XX/XX/XXXX like each month, I allow XXXX to take the payment directly from my checking account. The company never informed me that there was a payment portal online, instead I gave all my banking info to an account manager who has full access to my checking account. I received an email on the XXXX of XXXX informing me that XXXX 's payment was not received. There is no problem with the account, the money is there. I have an email from XXXX confirming that she will take the money on XX/XX/XXXX .... This is her way of charging me late fees which has been a practice of the company. I would have paid XXXX for a XXXX car - XXXX for borrowing XXXX. Please look into this matter.