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04/07/2021 Yes
  • Credit reporting, credit repair services, or other personal consumer reports
  • Credit repair services
  • Confusing or missing disclosures
  • FL
  • 32832
On XX/XX/XXXX of XXXX, I hired Credit Service Repair Corp, I spoke with XXXX XXXX and she prepared the documents ( attached ) to start repairing my credit, but up until XX/XX/XXXX, I did not receive any of the information that credit service repair corp is disputing in my credit profile, I called the company and a person called XXXX stated that they DID NOT provide any of the information that they are disputing on my behalf, I requested in writing via email a formal copy of any and all the letter that they have been sending to the credit bureaus and they simply deny my rights. I inform them verbally and in writing via email of my intention to revoke any authorization to dispute or disclose any information on my credit reports. If credit Service Repair Corp, does not provide me with the information that they had disputed on my behalf I would like to proceed with legal actions in order to protect my rights.