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04/08/2021 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Other debt
  • Attempts to collect debt not owed
  • Debt was already discharged in bankruptcy and is no longer owed
  • IL
  • 60901
The company Complete Professinal Recovery accocount popped up on my credit report on XX/XX/XXXX and this company is trying to collect a debt that was from XX/XX/XXXX and that i included in bankrupty with the original creditor on XX/XX/XXXX. The company states that this account has been reporting on my credit report since XXXX but I spoke with an agent at transunion to verify and they said that they do not see this company anywhere on my credit profile from XXXX to current. Nor have I ever saw this company on my credit report ( I have old copies ) This account was also opened but not by myself. The Also the original creditor removed this credit account from my credit report in XXXX. And they are the ones who were included in the bankruptcy 5 years ago not this collection agency. and according to the and according to the XXXX siteThis collection agency also isnt licensed to collect in the state of illinois which requires a license
11/14/2017 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • Other debt
  • Threatened to contact someone or share information improperly
  • Talked to a third-party about your debt
  • KS
  • 67037
XXXX went into collections on an account that I created. Collector from collection agency called and asked to speak with my husband and stated that he was the responsible party for the debt and she wanted to speak with him. I advised that I was the responsible party and my husband was not listed on the account. She advised that he was since we were married. I advised that I did not consent to information being shared to him and I did not want him contacted. Collection agency sent the bill to husband and addressed it to him. I did not give authorization for him to receive information about my account. Collector said it did n't matter and she would speak with my husband.
12/12/2019 Yes
  • Debt collection
  • I do not know
  • Written notification about debt
  • Didn't receive notice of right to dispute
  • WI
  • 53129
I was contacted by CPR today wherein they stated I had a debt. I demanded they provide verification of the debt, but they refused to do so and said they were turning sending it to the credit reporting agency. I told them that they are require to verify the debt and advised them that they are required by law to verify the debt. The woman against refused to verify the debt.