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2000 Latest Complaints
Date Received Timely Response Product Issue State / Zip Submitted Via Tags
12/16/2015 No
  • Debt collection
  • Payday loan
  • False statements or representation
  • Indicated committed crime not paying
  • WI
  • 531XX
On XXXX/XXXX/XXXX XXXX from CRG phone number XXXX contacted me. She claimed I had taken out an online loan with XXXX on XXXX XXXX, XXXX. I did not. She claimed a reference listed was a person I had not met until the summer of XXXX. This woman knew the last XXXX digits of my social security number, my date of birth etc. I have never taken out an online payday loan. I believe it was a scam. My concern is she called to verify my personal information and will use it for fraudulant purposes.
03/10/2023 No
  • Credit card or prepaid card
  • Government benefit card
  • Unexpected or other fees
  • AL
  • 36265
Hello, XX/XX/XXXX I need to resolve these issues to pay for school. I did file in XXXX, I filed XX/XX/XXXX for unemployment but have never collected any money. I have 4 days to fix it and my XXXX is my claim ID. I have only 4 days to fix this and I need help. Contact me ASAP please and I also understand that I have directly disregarded the warning. Best Regards, XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX
06/22/2016 No
  • Debt collection
  • I do not know
  • Communication tactics
  • Threatened to take legal action
  • TX
  • 78258
I received a harassing voicemail from CRG claiming that they left several voicemails ( which they did not ) about a matter they would not disclose via voicemail " per federal law '' ( which is actually not true ). They threatened to validate my home and office address unless I called them back.
05/17/2021 No
  • Credit reporting, credit repair services, or other personal consumer reports
  • Credit reporting
  • Incorrect information on your report
  • Information belongs to someone else
  • FL
  • 33426
Web Servicemember
07/13/2016 No
  • Debt collection
  • I do not know
  • Taking/threatening an illegal action
  • Sued w/o proper notification of suit
  • OH
  • 43213
Web Servicemember
03/10/2016 No
  • Debt collection
  • Credit card
  • Disclosure verification of debt
  • Right to dispute notice not received
  • CA
  • 92314
09/30/2015 No
  • Debt collection
  • I do not know
  • Improper contact or sharing of info
  • Contacted employer after asked not to
  • MT
  • 59405