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08/19/2017 Yes
  • Payday loan, title loan, or personal loan
  • Title loan
  • Charged fees or interest you didn't expect
  • LA
  • 70815
First, I recieved a title loan from Baton Rouge Financial XXXX in XXXX XXXX, La. The first title loan was XXXX in which, BR financial held the title in case I did n't come and pay it off, they would come and reposse it.So I paid it down from XXXX to XXXX. Then went an financed anothe title loan for XXXX and thats when BR finacial after paying until XXXX. Baton Rouge Financial ask me about refinacing I thougt the payments was gon na be cheaper but my total title loan went up to XXXX. I told them several times come get the vehicle.They said they they did not want it. The vehicle was in good shape. so I started making payments again but this time out of my account.As of XXXX XXXX was my last payment that was drowned out my account. The was not subtracting the difference nor reporting it to the three crediting bureau, on time every month. Now they want me to pay XXXX which is wrong all the way around. The lady XXXX XXXX came out to my house threatening me and sent emails. They still has the title. Nothing is accurate with the information. I wish that BR financial please delete and or remove this from/off all three credit bureau.It is misleading.