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03/31/2022 No
  • Student loan
  • Federal student loan servicing
  • Dealing with your lender or servicer
  • Don't agree with the fees charged
  • IL
  • 60473
Web Older American, Servicemember
I sent in a loan forgiveness application to through site, studentaid.gov. Was contacted by a company I thought was with department of education because they had all of my information : social security number, address, date of birth etc. They informed me that I met all the qualifications and could receive and loan forgiveness. I got a notication from my bank that showed the first installment of {$200.00} was being taken from my account for the {$1200.00} fee. I noticed then that the money was not going to department of education but to Apex XXXX XXXX. I called Apex back and told them I wanted to cancel because they never disclosed they were not with the department of education. The gentleman I spoke with, XXXX XXXX, stated he was a former employee of the department of education and that he knows how the system works. In formed me that if my application had not been approved by the end of XXXX I would receive a complete refund. XX/XX/XXXX, they again deducted money from my account. When I attempted to contact, all I got was a answering machine. I put in a dispute with my bank, XXXX XXXX XXXX. The company has not responded back.