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06/07/2018 Yes
  • Credit reporting, credit repair services, or other personal consumer reports
  • Other personal consumer report
  • Identity theft protection or other monitoring services
  • Didn't receive services that were advertised
  • PR
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My name is XXXX XXXX, and for the year XX/XX/XXXX enter the Alma Financial program ( license XXXX XXXX ) to help us consolidate our debts in a single monthly lake. We were in the program until XX/XX/XXXX, since I completed the correspondent payments with my clients. With the exception of a single creditor, who rescues them, since, as we are trying to buy our first home, in the managements of it, we realized that we were affecting the credit and decided to handle it personally without intermediaries. Today I have communicated four times to the offices, because we need a payment experience letter. I even went personally and it is closed, they do not have a fixed schedule. They do not attend clients in person. I urgently need that letter, since, we are in mortgage process. First they respond that they can write me a letter because I'm not in the program anymore. Then they tell me they have to talk to management, but they are not available. Then they tell me, that it is the legal division that has to do the most. And finally they tell me that they are going to send me a letter indicating that we already cancel the program, and they will send it by mail but in several weeks, they do not know when they can do it because they have a lot of volume. I'm terrified that because of the inefficiency of this program, I can not get my home. At this time, my family is living separately.