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Date Received Timely Response Product Issue State / Zip Submitted Via Tags
06/11/2021 Yes
  • Payday loan, title loan, or personal loan
  • Installment loan
  • Improper use of your report
  • Credit inquiries on your report that you don't recognize
  • TN
  • 38366
XXXX intentionally misled and lied to me telling me there would be no hard credit pulls to credit report and that only their company would pull a soft pull, I was assured by their representative XXXX whose phone number is XXXX, that there would not be multiple lenders pulling my credit and that it would not affect my credit score, I was placed on hold by the representative so she could speak to " underwriting '' for the loan, then I was told to follow a link they sent me and to confirm my information so that they could pull a soft inquiry again to see my rates and offers, after confirming my information I was offered loans by multiple company 's that were far below what I was told I was pre approved for with interest rates far higher than what I was told I was approved for. this affected my credit score negatively and I have been working very hard to improve it and this only hurt me due to the misleading of the company. this all occurred XX/XX/21